Saturday, November 13, 2010

Did you know my result?


look,who's back?
^__^ remember?
it's me, ammar!
do you know who i am?
i am the writer of this blog!
let's start our post with,

wahaha,let's play a riddle game...

what was my result?
result of what?
result of my end of year exam, la...


what was it?"
" you think it's the 31th?"

no,definitely no....
"so... is it the 14th"?

no,no,no, it is no.3!!
I was the third in class!!
"ohh!!wow!you are a smartboy!"-at least, that was what my family said.....
"owh thankyou2"^_^

hahaha :)
its the best result so far for me
i beat the rest
except aisyah kahairi & nusaibah rushdan
i am the best boy in class!

am i too cocky? :( bajet pulak dia
result is not important
but,effort is !
my mom always reminded me of that

want to hear a story at my school?
about what happened on the day that i knew my result?

i came to school to took my result...(betol ke took?)
salah la, a 'to' must be follwed by a simple tense, remember!
when i came to my class with my mom to take my result....
everyone except those girls,
commented on me

fadzlul say:"woohoo!!ammar mesti dapat walad terbijak kat kelas ni..."
umar:"haha,agaknya siapa laa yang dapat tempat kedua kalau ammar dah dapat no.satu?"

terharu betol ana dengar T~T

oops,i think i should type in english..
thank you guys,
you're my real friends.... 

ok2 bye, i think this will be continued next time!

didn't mean to boast around,
but i am just feeling so very happy...

ingat nak share dlm blog! tu je...
ta ta