Friday, October 30, 2009

The geng of hamsters.

Once upon a time,in a Hamburgers Land,there was a hamster who liked to eat hamburger, named Mike.He lived in a big bungalow house. He is a very rich hamster.

One day, Mike had a hamburgers feast at his house.All his friends came to the feast,except for the thin mouse,Gary. Gary doesn't like hamburgers. All he eat is just fruits and nuts. So he went to the playground alone to play. Mike wants to invite Gary, for he has provided a special feast just for Gary cause he know Gary doesn't eat hamburgers. So he go to the playground to meet Gary, but he can't find him. He became worried about Gary because he know there was a big snake, named Randall who really likes to eat hamsters. Mike, The hamster call his friend, Sally another hamster.

Sally said,"Mike!Thank goodness you call me. Our friend,Gary has been kidnapped by Randall for his dinner!!You gotta help him!"

"Seriously?!"Shout Pocky the porcupine who has heard the conversation.He then said, "All of you! Stop eating or whatever you are doing now! Gary,the thin hamster has been kidnapped! Let's help him!!"
Ronnie, the rabbit said,"Let's search for him!!" Then,the mission start...

First,Pocky search for Gary at the playground.Then,he saw Sandy the squirrel. He
said,"Hey,Sandy! Long time no see. Did you see Gary or Randall passed by this playground while you're reading?"

"No,I don't think so. Why?Gary has been kidnapped?"

"How do you know? "Ask Pocky.

"Just a wild guess. well,I hope you will find him. He's a nice guy,you know."

Pocky just sighed.

While Pocky was still in the playground, Mike search for Gary at the swamp. It's Randall favorite spot. He thought. So,he search there. But,all he found is just....Fishy the fish! He was happily swimming in the swamp.

Mike said,"Hey,Fishy! Aren't you afraid of playing here? It's Randall favorite spot you know."

Fishy just smile,"Why should I be afraid, I am his best friend! he won't eat me!" Said Fishy proudly.

"What?! You befriend Randall? Do you know where he is?"

"Nope. He said he want to eat someone."



"He wants to eat Gary,for sure."

"That's horrible. But,it's his food.."

Mike sighed.This mission is a tough one for sure.

Way at the foothill, there was a meeting going on.
Tentacool, another of Randall's friend, said to Randall,"i found that fat hamster, Mike, want to rescue your food, you must run!!"

"huh!! what a dummy hamster!"shout randall! and run to the top of the mountain.

While Mike went to the foothill,instead. He heard Gary's shout,
"Help me! Help me! Mike help me!!" he shouted. Mike called Pocky, and said
"I saw Gary at the mountain. Thank goodness! let's go and save him! "

When they went to the mountain, they found Randall crawling at the top of the mountain.
Mike shouted,

" Hey you dummy snake !" Randall quickly released Gary, for he wanted to chase Mike, the fatter hamster, but Mike had called his friend, George the horse . He rode the big black horse, and ran away. Randall went back to Gary, but Gary was gone, he has run away down to the foothill too. But what a lucky snake, he found a fat deer and ate the deer. What a tasty deer. Mike was happy because Gary was back.

The End

Sunday, October 25, 2009

the first story

Once upon a time,there was a rabbit who lived in the jungle.It's name is Little-One.He lives alone at the Faraway Tree. There was a tiger who liked to eat rabbit.But,when the hunter come,they takes all the rabbit except for the Little-One.The tiger didn't know that there was a rabbit left.So the tiger eat other animals.But one day,Little-One wants to fetch some water from the pond outside the tree.Little-One didn't realize that the tiger is watching him.The tiger is very happy and made a plan to catch the rabbit.One day the tiger came to Little-One's house.the tiger shouted,

"Hey my little friend .I will give you some gift if you come out."

Little-One knew that it was tiger's voice. Then, the rabbit shouted."You're not my friend anyway!"

The tiger leaves the rabbit house.The tiger will never give up.He wants to make the second plan.A very good one..He thought.the next day, the tiger put up a trap.He knew Little-One would go to the Rabbit's Market to buy some carrots he like.and then the Little-One look at the windows,he saw the trap.But the Little-One is clever, the rabbit took a stick and the Little-One put the stick at the danger trap.The tiger bite the stick,the tiger was very angry!and the rabbit you can't catch me because you are a dummy tiger!!!!the tiger want to catch the Little-one but last,he give up.