Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ammar rich guy

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who lives near the beach. His name is Ammar b. Badhrulhisham. He is a businessman who likes to collect money. One day, ammar wants to go to Tokyo. There was many people there. Mustaqim, his friend was rich too. But he is a Doctor just like his father. Ammar and mustaqim go to Mount. Fuji because Ammar want to build a new house at The top of Mount. Fuji.I will call my friend to build the house,he is a house builder. “what!!” Mustaqim was shock. “Who is your friend??” My friend is Amir . He was strong and brave. Suddenly, Amir shouted .”hey,why do you call me, ammar . “Oh sorry, forgot to tell you. I want you,to build to house at the top of mountain.

Wow! what a beautiful house “said Mustaqim.”hehe,thanks” Amir reply. ”hey what sound is that?”sssrrrttt…..”whoa,my friend you come back Ammar,Mustaqim and Amir”shout Alif.he was carpenter .”hey alif!long time no see.will you ate together to night at my house?will you!?”ok”said alif.later…”hey I want to go to the foot of the mountain”.

Just Ammar,Mustaqim and amir go down the mountain.”hey,Mustaqim,where Alif”Suddenly,ammar heard a people shout “aaargghh!!!!help me!!!!my my heart is bleeding!!!Amir said,”it like Alif voice.”Ammar run to the top of mountain.ammar hide at the Ancient of the tree.he saw a killer was trying to kill alif,Suddenly,amir said”hey let build a trap.ammar throw a stone to the killer.the killer was very angry.the killer want to throw his knife but suddenly,amir hit the killer,the killer was fainted.ammar open the mask… the geng of the mafia who name rambo.and then mustaqim come.hey rambo why you came here to be continued.................