Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Story of a companion of Rasullullah


Sorry for the late update..heheh,anyway,can you guess who is the great messenger of Allah?...Yup,the great mesengger of Allah is Rasululllah.Today,i have a story about a good man that i just read at he internet just now...Well,i guess many people has known about this story.

One evening,a man came to meet Rasulullah to tell that he is really hungry,but rassullullah dont have any food at that time.he asks to his companions,''Do any of you who are willing to serve these people as guests this evening for me?''.one man stands up an said,''O Messenger of Allah, I'm able to do as you desire it."

The man brought the hungry man to his home,after that,he said to his wife,''rasulullah has given we a responsibility to take care and give some food to this man with the best service we could give.''but then his wife said,''O Allah,we dont have some food except some bread and milk,it isjust enough for our children''.

the man said.''you get our children to sleep without giving any food to them,when you had served the food,i will invite the man to eat,after that you turn off the lamp so the man will not notice that we not eating with him.''after the next day,Allah said that whoever do the same thing like the man does,he will get a bountiful reward..

Masha-allah......this man is really nice and kind isn', we need to follow this man so Allah will give  a big reward in Akhirat inshaallah.....